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recording the famous ‘ringtail lemurs’ in anja reserve

and the much smaller ‘red fronted brown lemur’ in Isalo National Park

whilst there are only a handful of natural predator to lemurs, mainly the ‘Fossa’, a cat-like mammal (apart from, very sadly the extremely poor people that to hunt them to survive, or the ones from the cities who have a taste for ‘bushmeat’), for safety reasons Lemurs live in caves and only travel to the trees during the day-time. I was surprised to learn They don’t actually live in trees.These are some of the stunning mountains that house the caves for lemurs at night

the effervescent bubbling sounds of boiling raffia palm to make paper

I took some time to visit a truly hair raising aluminum recycling ‘factory’,where they manufacturer many of the countries pots for cooking…
molten alloy, no shoes and a tonne of smoke and silt…that’s a tough gig;) the sounds you can hear are from all around the small tin shed

sounds of the trinkets trinkets sold in the small market outside the factory in a town called Ambositra

ad hoc recording zebu in the river reeds outside Isalo National Park ( I was caught a little unaware so had to improvise a set-up…not terribly professional, but the recording worked o.k.

coral reef recording_1-Ifaty lagoon_Mozambique Channel

The first of many oasis waterfall recordings captured through the park

In the small coastal village of Itafy is a reserve known as ‘spiny forest’ (it was literally bursting with cactus and didiereaceae) …in order to get there I hitched a ride via a traditional zebu with cart. I managed to capture some amazing sounds via my DPA 5100;)

A small snippet of sound captured whilst hiking through the forest

Whilst far from dangerous, there’s no small shortage of snakes throughout the country. The problem trying to record them is they’re so small and fast so it’s hard to capture them in action. I did attempt it on a number of occasions.

Throughout Isalo park there is a beautiful river that winds its way southward, with the sounds of waterfalls bouncing off the surrounding rocks. I must confess, swimming in the water was almost as cold as the arctic (well, maybe not but it was surprisingly cold!)

a snippet of audio from the markets of Fianarantsoa

recording a waterfall oasis in Isalo national, park

campsite sounds in Isalo National Park, Madagascar’s largest national park.

a lone street performance in the midst of the bustling markets in Antananarivo

They may be a little cheeky, but kids of all ages in the town of Ranohira (situated at the gateway to Isalo National Park) never stopped working, luckily for me these little guys were shucking peanuts so I bought a few bags!