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wEsT iNdiEs

This page contains a few location-based field recordings I made throughout the West Indies,
along with one or two videos and a few composition excerpts using the field recordings
(special thanks to EcoSono for enabling the recordings!):


the above is an excerpt from the work ‘hermetica’,
based on a field recording of a hermit crab colony I came across on a small island off the coast of Bonaire…
the program note discussing the piece, along with the full work
can be found on the wonderful ‘Wet Sounds – underwater soundart gallery’ website (under ‘2011 listening gallery’)…: wetsounds (the crab pictured above is obviously not one of the Hermit crabs, but lived with them in the colony, and took a distinct liking to my little Sony recorder…!)

I also created a short, 3D animation from the recording…
the sound from the crab colony triggers an object (an abstraction of a crabs claw)
within a 3D modelling environment, making the object react in a variety of ways…:

hermetica from daniel blinkhorn on Vimeo.

maybe sounds like something being fried!

hydrophone field recording of a coral reef in Bonaire



and here’s an excerpt of a creative composition entitled ‘anthozoa’ made from the recording…There are only two sound sources within the composition, that of a prepared piano (more specifically a single D note) and a recording of a coral reef. I have used the prepared piano note as a central pitch axis for the work, providing a metaphor for the clear, unbroken line of an ocean horizon, whilst the remaining material consists almost entirely from the (largely unprocessed) composite coral recording that can be heard beginning from 1:25 in the piece

some recordings from a really beautiful bird sanctuary
whilst traversing Trinidad



‘le son de la lumière’



and here are the wonderful birds in another creative work I composed, ‘le son de la lumière’, a homage to composer Luc Ferrari…
here’s a link to the website of the remarkable composer Luc Ferrari, where you can hear the entire work, and read the program note…: PRESQUE RIEN Prize 2011 (under the section ‘PRESQUE RIEN Prize 2011’)


some very ‘chatty’ wind chimes in the
streets of the island of Aruba


I couldn’t resist sharing this beautiful ‘Grumpy’ bridge recording,
recorded in Willemstad, on the island of Curacao


Puerto Rico soundwalk
street recording_



In Puerto Rico I spent several hours undertaking soundwalks…
it’s a very vibrant and sensuous place for sounds, with lots of auditory delights on offer!


Bamboo – Grenada

bamboo, birds and breeze…arrrr the wonderful
recordings captured in St George on the island of Grenada





Finally, whilst undertaking these recordings
I was the ABC National Media-Artist-in-Residence
and so created a full length CD collection of 19 ‘miniatures’
from the region entitled ‘terra subfónica’…(I’ve referenced it in the ‘sTuFf’ & ‘rEleAsEs’ sections of the site)
It’s a funny little release and not what I would ordinarily do, but was a lot of fun to make…;) you can hear excerpts of it here…